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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022Utilization of endophytic fungi and their enzymes for transformation to obtain bioactive compoundsKüçüksolak, Melis 
2013Utilization of organce peel extract for fungal enzyme productionGenç, Berna
2010Utilization of timed automata as a verification tool for real-time security protocolsKülahçıoğlu, Burcu
2007Utilization of urban design principles in designing the urban space case studies on the Netherlands and TurkeyBal, Ufuk
2013Utilization of wine waste for fermentative processesBayrak, Emrah
2009Uv disınfection of some of the fruit juicesHakgüder, Bengi
Jul-2021The valorization of various wastewater for hydrogen production by photocatalytic oxidationOrak, Ceren 
2010Varietal classification and prediction of chemical parameters of Turkish wines by in frared spectroscopyÖztürk, Burcu
Jun-2020Vehicle type classification with deep learningYaraş, Neriman
2004Vertex coloring of a graphBacak, Gökşen
2013Vibration analysis of a giromill-type vertical axis wind turbineAkgüneyli, Melih
Jul-2018Vibration analysis of a plate with piezoelectric layersAğar Demir, Nuriye
Sep-2014Vibration analysis of laminated composite circular plates with radial slotsBaltacı, Çetin Özgür
2003Vibration analysis of pre-twisted rotating beamsYıldırım, Tolga
Jul-2014Vibration analysis of rotating curved beams with variable cross-sectionKartav, Osman 
2013Vibration and acoustic analysis of a refrigerator cabinet base plateDeveci, Can Deniz
2013Vibration characteristics of portal framesTatar, İlhan
Dec-2017Vibration control of a smart curved beam with variable curvatureKavuncu, Ali Vâlâ
Jun-2022Virtual acoustic reconstruction of two ancient spaces: Metropolis Ancient Theatre and Eflatun Pınar Open Air Water SanctuaryBolat, Senem Deniz
2017Visible photon emission from defects in hexagonal boron nitride flakesFırat, Volkan