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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Thermal and photodehydrogenation reactions of terpenes over zeolitesTuzcuoğlu, Esra
Dec-2015Thermal and physiological responses of the human body during exerciseZora, Süleyman
Jul-2019Thermal comfort analysis of historical mosques, case study: The Ulu Mosque, Manisa, TurkeyDiler, Yusuf
2009Thermal comfort evaluation in intelligent buildings; case study in Darüşşafaka ResidenceSoykan, Esra
Jul-2019Thermal performance of graphene coating on copperErsavaş, Gizem
Dec-2019Thermal retrofitting on traditional building with exterior hall (sofa): Urban and rural houses of MuğlaTimur, Barış Ali 
Dec-2022Thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of unrecycled plastic waste in a lab-scale experimental set-up: determination of optimal operating conditionsEkici, Ecrin
Aug-2016Thermodynamic optimization of downhole heat exchangers for geothermal power generationParmanto, Slamet
Jul-2019Thermoelectric effect in layered nanostructuresÖzbal Sargın, Gözde
2015Thin film coating of glass fabrics for radar absorbing compositesYaman, Mutlu Devran
2015Thin film coating of silver on fibers by roll to roll inverted cylindrical magnetron sputteringTaşdemir, Adnan
May-2022Three dimensional numerical modelling of recharce: case study: Eğri Creek sub-basin, İzmirŞahin, Yavuz
Jul-2019Three-photon electromagnetically induced transparency in Rydberg atomsOyun, Yağız
2012Thrust control design for unmanned marine vehiclesAlkan, Buğra
2008Time synchronization in wireless sensor metworksKulaklı, Ali Burak
Oct-2022A tool for synthetic evaluation of active calibration algorithmsDönmez, Buğrahan
2007Totally weak supplemented modulesTop, Serpil
Jul-2022Touch gestures classification by deep learning methodsEge, Irmak
Nov-2017Toughening of carbon fiber based composites with electrospun fabric layersBeylergil, Bertan 
2011Towards the design of ultrasound contrast agents: Investigation of monolayer microstructureAkıncı, Saliha Zeyneb