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2023Application of the law of minimum and dissimilarity analysis to regression test case prioritizationUfuktepe, Ekincan ; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
2023Corrections to “Massive MIMO-NOMA based MEC in task offloading for delay minimization”Yılmaz, Saadet Simay ; Özbek, Berna 
2022A Domain-specific language for the document-based model-driven engineering of business applicationsLeblebici, Onur; Kardaş, Geylani; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
2020Effects of framing errors on the performance of molecular communications with memoryAtakan, Barış ; Galmes, Sebastia
2021An end-to-end trainable feature selection-forecasting architecture targeted at the internet of thingsNakıp, Mert; Karakayalı, Kubilay; Güzeliş, Cüneyt; Rodoplu, Volkan
2023Incremental testing in software product lines-an event based approachBeyazıt, Mutlu; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Öztürk Kaya, Dilek 
2023Link prediction for completing graphical software models using neural networksLeblebici, Onur; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Belli, Fevzi 
2023Massive MIMO-NOMA based MEC in task offloading for delay minimizationYilmaz, Saadet Simay ; Özbek, Berna 
2021Model-based ideal testing of GUI programs-approach and case studiesKılınççeker, Onur; Silistre, Alper; Belli, Fevzi ; Challenger, Moharram
2023New Security Proofs and Complexity Records for Advanced Encryption StandardKara, O. 
2022A novel efficient method for tracking evolution of communities in dynamic networksKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2023A privacy-preserving scheme for smart grid using trusted execution environmentAkgün, Mete ; Üstündağ Soykan, Elif; Soykan, Gürkan
2020User selection for millimeter wave non-uniform full dimensional MIMOCumalı, İrem; Özbek, Berna ; Mumtaz, Rao; Gonzalez, Jonathan