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Apr-2022Active heat transfer enhancement by interface-localized liquid dielectrophoresis using interdigitated electrodesYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
Jan-2016Constructal tree-shaped designs for self-coolingYenigün, Onur; Çetkin, Erdal 
2019Effect of electric field on interfacial thermal resistance between silicon and water at nanoscalesYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
May-2019Effect of nano-film thickness on thermal resistance at water/silicon interfaceYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
2018The effect of time delay of fluid flow in a vascularized plateYenigün, Onur; Coşkun, Turgay ; Çetkin, Erdal 
2019Electric field controlled heat transfer through silicon and nano-confined waterYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
Dec-2016Experimental and numerical investigation of constructal vascular channels for self-cooling: Parallel channels, tree-shaped and hybrid designsYenigün, Onur; Çetkin, Erdal 
2021Local heat transfer control using liquid dielectrophoresis at graphene/water interfacesYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
Jul-2021Molecular dynamics studies on interface heat transfer control using electric fieldYenigün, Onur
Aug-2016Numerical and experimental investigation of radial and tree-shaped vascular channels for self-cooling structuresYenigün, Onur
2020Void fraction and speed of sound measurement in cavitating flows by the three pressure transducers (3PT) techniqueEsposito, Claudia; Yenigün, Onur; Gouriet, Jean-Baptiste; Steelant, Johan; Vetrano, Maria Rosaria