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2022A critical evaluation of proxy measures used to quantify excavation-induced damage in masonry buildingsLiu, Yiyan; Gülen, Burcu; Açıkgöz, Sinan; Burd, Harvey; Gilson, Ben; İlki, Alper; Dalgıç, Korhan Deniz 
2023Design and construction of a test setup to investigate ground settlement response of large-scale masonry building modelsDalgıç, Korhan Deniz ; Yeşilyurt, Cennet; Gülen, Burcu; Liu, Yiyan; Açıkgöz, Sinan; Maraşlı, Muhammed; İlki, Alper
Mar-2023Masonry buildings subjected to settlements: Half-scale testing, detailed measurements, and insights into behaviourDalgıç, Korhan Deniz ; Gülen, Burcu; Liu, Yiyan; Açıkgöz, Sinan; Burd, Harvey; Maraşlı, Muhammed; İlki, Alper