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1-May-2015Assessing coordination performance based on centrality in an e-mail communication networkDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep ; Arditi, David; Günhan, Suat; Erbaşaranoğlu, Bengi
2012Coordination process and network centrality in ISGI Airport's Wayfinding projectDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep ; Günhan, Suat; Erbasaranoglu, Bengi
2013Leed certification: A comparison of contractors' perspectivesDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep ; Günhan, Suat; Gerçek, Bilge; Arditi, David
2012Non-verbal cues: Improving communication in construction projectsGünhan, Suat; Şenol, Gülşen; Doğan, Sevgi Zeynep