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2021Developing a functional lozenge with microencapsulated Lactiplantibacillus pentosus to improve oral and dental healthElvan, Menşure; Baysal, Ayşe Handan ; Tellioğlu Harsa, Şebnem 
Jul-2019Developing probiotic lozenges to improve oral healthElvan, Menşure
2021Effect of different microencapsulating materials on the viability of S. thermophilus CCM4757 incorporated into dark and milk chocolatesÖztürk, Burcu; Elvan, Menşure; Özer, Merve; Tellioğlu Harsa, Şebnem 
Feb-2022Microencapsulation of a potential probiotic Lactiplantibacillus pentosus and its impregnation onto table olivesElvan, Menşure; Baysal, Ayşe Handan ; Harsa, Hayriye Şebnem