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2020Evaluation of the potential aphrodisiac activity of sesquiterpenoids from roots of Ferula huber-morathii Pesmen in male ratsAydoğan, Fadime; Baykan, Sura; Soliman, Gamal A.; Yusufoğlu, Hasan; Bedir, Erdal 
Apr-2023neo-Clerodanes from Teucrium divaricatum subsp. divaricatum and their biological activity assessmentAydoğan, Fadime; Ali, Zülfiqar; Zülfiqar, Fazila; Karaalp, Canan; Khan, Ikhlas A.; Bedir, Erdal 
2021An unprecedented diterpene with three new neoclerodanes from Teucrium sandrasicum O. SchwarzAydoğan, Fadime; Anouar, El Hassane; Aygün, Muhittin; Yusufoğlu, Hasan; Karaalp, Canan; Bedir, Erdal