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2019Arsenite removal from groundwater in a batch electrocoagulation process: Optimization through response surface methodologyDemirbaş, Erhan; Kobya, Mehmet; Öncel, Mehmet Salim; Şık, Emrah; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur 
2020Combined influence of some cations on arsenic removal by an air-injection EC reactor using aluminum ball electrodesGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Kobya, Mehmet; Şık, Emrah; Demirbaş, Erhan; Öncel, Mehmet Salim
2018Optimization of some cations for removal of arsenic from groundwater by electrocoagulation processKobya, Mehmet; Şık, Emrah; Demirbaş, Erhan; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Öncel, Mehmet Salim
2018Removal of arsenate by electrocoagulation reactor using aluminum ball anode electrodesGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Öncel, Mehmet Salim; Demirbaş, Erhan; Şık, Emrah; Kobya, Mehmet