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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Improving the energy absorption of closed cell aluminum foamsGreene, S. A.; Hall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
1999Metal matrisli kompozitlerin yüksek deformasyon hızlarında davranışlarıGüden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
Sep-2006Numerical and experimental studies of damage generation in a polymer composite material at high strain ratesTaşdemirci, Alper ; Hall, Ian W.
2010Numerical and experimental studies of high strain rate mechanical behavior of E-glass/polyester composite laminatesTunusoğlu, Gözde; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2011Off-axis properties of cross-ply metal matrix composites at quasi-static and high strain ratesHall, Ian W.; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Kara, Ali 
1998Quasi-static and dynamic compression behaviour of an FPTM alumina-reinforced aluminium metal matrix compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2001Quasi-static and dynamic crushing of empty and foam-filled tubesHall, Ian W.; Ebil, Özgenç ; Güden, Mustafa ; Yu, C.-J.
May-2009Quasi-static and high strain rate properties of a cross-ply metal matrix compositeHall, Ian W.; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Derrick, J.
2003SiC-particulate aluminum composite foams produced by powder compacts: Foaming and compression behaviorElbir, Semih; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2003Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar compression testing of an aluminum alloy: Effect of lubricant typeHall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
2004Stress wave propagation effects in two- and three-layered composite materialsTaşdemirci, Alper ; Hall, Ian W.; Gama, Bazle A.; Güden, Mustafa 
2002Transverse and longitudinal crushing of aluminum-foam filled tubesHall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa ; Claar, Terry Dennis