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2021Nanoparticle-protein corona complex: understanding multiple interactions between environmental factors, corona formation, and biological activityTomak, Aysel ; Çeşmeli, Selin ; Hanoğlu, Berçem Dilan; Winkler, David; Öksel Karakuş, Ceyda 
Jul-2021Nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and sustainable urban drainage in tropical coastal cities: A case for Mombasa citySuleiman Haji, Haji Kidui
Apr-2023neo-Clerodanes from Teucrium divaricatum subsp. divaricatum and their biological activity assessmentAydoğan, Fadime; Ali, Zülfiqar; Zülfiqar, Fazila; Karaalp, Canan; Khan, Ikhlas A.; Bedir, Erdal 
2017A novel approach to information spreading models for social networksSayın, Burcu ; Şahin, Serap 
2022A novel efficient method for tracking evolution of communities in dynamic networksKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2022A novel risk analysis approach for occupational safety using Bayesian Network and interval type-2 fuzzy sets: The case of underground miningYaşlı, Fatma; Bolat, Bersam
Dec-2020Numerical and experimental investigation of thermal performance of graphene reinforced aluminiumYılmaz, Ahmet Berk
Dec-2021Numerical and experimental investigations of an air-cooled battery thermal management systemGöçmen, Sinan 
Sep-2021A numerical approach for optimization of curing kinetics of composite materialÖz, Murat 
Dec-2020Numerical detection of cavitation in plunger valvesAkbulut, Bedia 
Jun-2021Numerical investigation of thermal management in photovoltaic cells with phase changing materials (PCM) and high conductivity insertsKyaligonza, Sylevaster
Dec-2021Numerical modeling of the artificial destratification of the thermally stratified water column by air diffusersBahadıroğlu, Nisa 
2022On simple-injective modulesAlagöz, Yusuf ; Benli Göral, Sinem; Büyükaşık, Engin 
Jul-2021On the characterization of motor imagery functions based on systematic timing organization of the human brainOlcay, Bilal Orkan 
Jun-2021On the selection of material model for the 3d printed plasticsYorulmazlar, Berika
28-Mar-2023OpenAIRE servis ve hizmetleri ile kurumsal altyapılarıGürdal, Gültekin 
Mar-2021Optical spectroscopy of single defects in hexagonal boron nitrideBirinci, Ayşenur 
Jul-2022Optimal design of elastic and elastoplastic tuned mass dampers using the Mouth Brooding Fish algorithm for linear and nonlinear structuresRoozbahan, Mostafa ; Jahani, Ehsan
Jul-2021Optimisation of organic phase pre-neutralisation stage in purification studies with solvent extraction for MHP (mixed hydroxide precipitate) produced from Gördes laterite ore and investigation of its effect on extractionKaya, Ezgi 
Dec-2021Optimization of buckling behavior of hybrid composite beam under axial compressionAltıntaş, Hayri