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Feb-2003Organization of carboxysome genes in the thiobacilliCannon, Gordon C.; Baker, Stefanie H.; Soyer Dönmez, Ferda ; Johnson, Diana R.; Bradburne, Christopher E.; Mehlman, Jennifer L.; Davies, Paige S.; Jiang, Qinli; Heinhorst, Sabine; Shively, Jessup M.
2012Outer membrane protein profiling of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in response to phenolic acid stressKeman, Deniz 
Feb-2009Physical properties of biopolymers containing natamycin and rosemary extractTüre, Hasan; Eroğlu, Erdal; Özen, Banu ; Soyer, Ferda 
2013A proteomic analysis of the response of listeria monocytogenes to the stress induced by o-coumaric acid and ferulic acidCerit, Ender Efe
2020Pseudomonas aeruginosa presents multiple vital changes in its proteome in the presence of 3-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, a promising antimicrobial agentÖzdemir, Özgün O.; Soyer, Ferda 
Dec-2006Structure of Halothiobacillus neapolitanus Carboxysomes by Cryo-electron TomographySchmid, Michael F.; Paredes, Angel M.; Khant, Htet A.; Soyer Dönmez, Ferda ; Aldrich, Henry C.; Chiu, Wah; Shively, Jessup M.
Dec-2020Synergistic antimicrobial effects of activated lactoferrin and rosemary extract in vitro and potential application in meat storageSoyer, Ferda ; Keman, Deniz ; Eroğlu, Erdal; Türe, Hasan
2021Synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial activities of 3-HPAA-Alg-Chi nanoparticlesÖzdemir, Özgün Öykü; Soyer, Ferda