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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The effect of spatial interventions on historic buildings' indoor climate (Case Study: Tire Necip Paşa Library, Izmir-Turkey)Coşkun, Turgay; Gülhan, Özcan; Şahin, Cem Doğan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
Jul-2016Energy and environmental performance based decision support process for early design stage of residential buildingsGerçek, Mümine
Jul-2011Identification of the building parameters that influence heating and cooling energy loads for apartment buildings in hot-humid climatesYıldız, Yusuf; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
2019Impact of climate change on indoor environment of historic libraries in Mediterranean climate zoneTurhan, Cihan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gülden Akkurt, Gülden
2019Impact of thermal mass for future energy consumption: case study in adobe houseDurmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Yöney, Ekin Gamze
Jan-2017The importance of internal heat gains for building cooling designCoşkun, Turgay; Turhan, Cihan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
Apr-2017Investigation of indoor microclimate of historic libraries for preventive conservation of manuscripts. Case Study: Tire Necip Paşa Library, Izmir-TurkeyŞahin, Cem Doğan; Çoşkun, Turgay; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2012Life cycle environmetal impact assessment of a multi-storey residential building in IzmirAral, Duygu
Jul-2016Modelling of indoor climate of historic libraries for preventive conservation of papper based collectionsCoşkun, Turgay
Jul-2019Process-centered modeling experience from architect's perspective: A case study in a residential building in IzmirGülmez Raafat, Rahşan Aytül
Jul-2014Rebuilding the relationship ignored between children and natural-built environment through scool garden designed by permaculture methodKılıç, Merve Ayten
2013Renovating a lecture hall with a glass roof: A case study of performance based designAtça, Emre; İlal, Mustafa Emre ; Başaran, Tahsin ; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
Dec-2018Retrofit strategies for energy efficiency in historic urban fabric: A case study in Basmane district, IzmirUlu, Meltem
2008Retrofitting existing mass housing for energy efficincy: A case study in Gaziemir Emlank Bank Housing Area, Izmir, TurkeyYıldız, Yusuf
2011Thermal simulation of retrofits to existing mass housing in Turkey for energy efficiencyYıldız, Yusuf; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
1-Jun-2015A transdisciplinary approach on the energy efficient retrofitting of a historic building in the Aegean Region of TurkeyŞahin, Cem Doğan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Tunçoku, Selim Sarp; Broström, Tor; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
2018Ventilation Strategies for the Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts in the Necip Paşa Library, Izmir, TurkeyCoşkun, Turgay; Şahin, Cem Doğan; Gülhan, Özcan; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep ; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden