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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Prediction of the slag corrosion of MgO-C ladle refractories by the use of artificial neural networksAkkurt, Sedat 
2004Preparation of fine spinel and cordierite ceramic powders by mechano-chemical techniquesYalamaç, Emre
Mar-2012Production of anorthite refractory insulating firebrick from mixtures of clay and recycled paper waste with sawdust additionSütçü, Mücahit; Akkurt, Sedat ; Bayram, Alican; Uluca, Uluç
Feb-2004Quantification of CaCO3-CaSO3·0.5H 2O-CaSO4·2H2O mixtures by FTIR analysis and its ANN modelBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; Özdemir, Serhan ; Göktürk, E. Hale; Caner Saltık, Emine N.
Jul-2021Sintering and densification behavior of GDC infiltrated porous GDC electrolyteTekin, Sinem
2014Sintering and microstructural investigation of gamma–alpha alumina powdersYalamaç, Emre; Trapani, Antonio; Akkurt, Sedat 
2010Sintering, co-sintering and microstructure control of oxide based materials: Zirconia, alumina, spinel, alumina-zirconia and spinel-aluminaYalamaç, Emre
Jun-2014Thermal performance optimization of hollow clay bricks made up of paper wasteSütçü, Mücahit; Del Coz Diaz, Juan Jose; Alvarez Rabanal, Felipe Pedro; Gençel, Osman; Akkurt, Sedat 
2006The use of boron-containing additives for synthesis of anorthite ceramic powdersKavalcı, Sedat
Jul-2003The use of GA-ANNs in the modelling of compressive strength of cement mortarAkkurt, Sedat ; Özdemir, Serhan ; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Akyol, Burak
2011Use of metal templates for microcavity formation in aluminaBalkan, Sırma
2010The use of paper processing residues in the development of ceramics with improved thermal insulation propertiesSütçü, Mücahit
Sep-2009The use of recycled paper processing residues in making porous brick with reduced thermal conductivitySütçü, Mücahit; Akkurt, Sedat 
Jun-2010Utilization of recycled paper processing residues and clay of different sources for the production of porous anorthite ceramicsSütçü, Mücahit; Akkurt, Sedat