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1998High strain rate behavior of a SiC particulate reinforced Al2O3 ceramic matrix compositeHall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
2000High strain rate deformation behavior of a continuous fiber reinforced aluminum metal matrix compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
Jul-1998High strain rate properties of an SiCw/2124-T6 aluminum composite at elevated temperaturesGüden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2007High strain rate reloading compresson testing of a closed-cell alumnum foamTaşdemirci, Alper ; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
May-2001High strain rate testing of a unidirectionally reinforced graphite epoxy compositeHall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
1997High strain-rate compression testing of a short-fiber reinforced aluminum compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2023High strain-rate deformation analysis of open-cell aluminium foamMauko, Anja; Sarıkaya, Mustafa; Güden, Mustafa ; Duarte, Isabel; Borovinšek, Matej; Vesenjak, Matej; Ren, Zoran
2019Impact loading and modelling a multilayer aluminium corrugated/fin core: The effect of the insertion of imperfect fin layersSarıkaya, Mustafa; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Güden, Mustafa 
6-Apr-2022Impact loading of functionally graded metal syntactic foamsMovahedi, Nima; Fiedler, Thomas; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Murch, Graeme E.; Belova, Irina V.; Güden, Mustafa 
2023The impact response of a Nomex® honeycomb core/E-glass/epoxy composite sandwich structure to increasing velocities: Experimental and numerical analysisÇelik, Muhammet; Güden, Mustafa ; Sarıkaya, Mustafa; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Genç, Cem; Ersoy, Kurtuluş; Serin, Özgür
2013The impact responses and the finite element modeling of layered trapezoidal corrugated aluminum core and aluminum sheet interlayer sandwich structuresKılıçaslan, Cenk; Güden, Mustafa ; Odacı, İsmet Kutlay ; Taşdemirci, Alper 
2002Improving the energy absorption of closed cell aluminum foamsGreene, S. A.; Hall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
2010In vitro bioactivity of the surface-treated Ti6A14V open cell foamsTürkan, Uğur
May-2017The increased compression strength of an epoxy resin with the addition of heat-treated natural nano-structured diatom frustulesZeren, Doğuş; Güden, Mustafa 
2011Inertial effect in aluminum metal foamsKocatürk, Onur
2023Investigation and validation of the flow stress equation and damage model parameters of an electron beam melted Ti6Al4V alloy with a martensitic phaseGüden, Mustafa ; Bin Riaz, Arslan; Toksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Yıldıztekin, Murat; Erten, Hacer İrem; Çimen, Gülden; Hızlı, Burak 
Jul-2017The investigation of blast response of sandwich panels with bio-inspired coresTüzgel, Fırat
2004Investigation of compression mechanical behaviour of aluminum foam filled metal tubesKavi, Halit 
Jan-2023Investigation of penetration behavior of combined geometry shells at quasi-static and intermediate strain rates: An experimental and numerical studyTuran, Ali Kıvanç; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Kara, Ali ; Şahin, Selim; Güden, Mustafa 
2004Investigation of quasi-static dynamic mechanical properties of functionally graded SiC-particulate reinforced aluminium metal matrix compositesYıldırım, Uygar