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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2010Effect of compaction pressure on structural and superconducting properties of Bi-2223 superconductorsKocabaş, Kemal; Gökçe, Melis; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Bilgili, Özlem
Dec-2001Effect of PEO/PPO type triblock copolymers on dispersion behaviour of aqueous alumina suspensionsŞakar, Aylin M. ; Polat, Hürriyet ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2018The effect of powder preparation method on the artificial photosynthesis activities of neodymium doped titania powdersYurtsever, Hüsnü Arda; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
Feb-2017The effect of rare earth element doping on the microstructural evolution of sol-gel titania powdersYurtsever, Hüsnü Arda; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
Feb-2000The effect of Sb substitution of Cu in Bi1.7Pb0.3Sr2Ca2Cu 3-xSbxOy superconductorsKocabaş, Kemal; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2006Effect of strain rate on the compressive mechanical behavior of a continuous alumina fiber reinforced ZE41A magnesium alloy based compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Akil, Övünç; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Hall, Ian W.
2008The effect of surface modification of biomaterials on the cellular interactionsÖzgür, Melek
2009The effect of Zn substitution of Ca in BiPbSrCaCuO superconductors sintered at 830°CKocabaş, Kemal; Şakiroğlu, Serpil; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Ercan, İsmail; Epik, Hakan; Bilgili, Özlem
2004Effects of mechanical treatment on the formation of α-Al 2O3 from gibbsiteŞakar Deliormanlı, Aylin ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Polat, Hürriyet 
2004Effects of processing on the properties and permeability of pure gases through sol-gel silica membranesTopuz, Berna; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Özkan, Fehime 
Oct-2015Electrochemical properties of titania based powdersTürkay, Cem
Jan-2022Enhanced model protein adsorption of nanoparticulate hydroxyapatite thin films on silk sericin and fibroin surfacesÖzcan, Selçuk; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2010Enhancement of tribological properties of mineral oil by addition of sorbitan monostearate and borateAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye
2009Gas permeation through sol-gel derived alumina and silica based membranesTopuz, Berna
2013Gelcasting of alumina ceramics with gelatin and carrageenan gum and investigation of their mechanical propertiesKoçlar, Galip Sarper
Jan-2023Impact of titania phase structure and surface reactivity on the photocatalytic degradation of various dyes and textile wastewaterYurtsever, Hüsnü Arda; İloğlu, Onur; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2015Influence of calcination temperature on microstructure and surface charge of membrane top layers composed of zirconia nanoparticlesErdem, İlker; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2014Investigation of biocompatibility of calcium phosphate based materials and cementsKarataş, Özlem
2009Investigation of effects of microstructural and surface properties of ultrafiltration/ nanofiltration ceramic membranes on their performanceErdem, İlker
Jul-2014An investigation of electrochemical stability of zinc electrodes for battery applicationsPayer, Gizem