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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Feasibility of large scale wind turbines for offshore gas platform installationBingöl, Ferhat 
Mar-2019Frequency control in an isolated power system with high penetration of wind powerHassan, Ali
Mar-2017Hybrid energy capacity of Turkey for small and micro scale energy productionYıldız, Mustafa
2020Inertia and droop controller for a modern variable speed wind turbine to provide frequency control in a microgridHassan, Ali; Altın, Müfit ; Bingöl, Ferhat 
2019Küçük ve mikro ölçekli enerji yatırımı için hibrit enerji modeliYıldız, Mustafa; Bingöl, Ferhat 
Jul-2018Length scale parameterization and stability analyses with different statistical methods in wind measurementsTuna, Faruk
Jul-2018MCDM analysis of wind energy in Turkey: decision making based on environmental impactDeğirmenci, Sinem; Bingöl, Ferhat ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil 
2014Modelling and fitting of the wind data using different time series models and investigating the relared applications of fitted data. Urla and RisØ casesYıldırım, Nurseda
2019Offshore wind energy estimation in the bay of bengal with satellite wind measurementNadi, Navilla Rahman; Bingöl, Ferhat ; Badger, Merete
2017Rüzgar atlaslarında, atlas noktalarının interpolasyon katsayılarının hesabıBingöl, Ferhat 
2018Rüzgar enerji sistemleri için hava yoğunluğunun hesaplanmasıBingöl, Ferhat 
2019A simplified method on estimation of forest roughness by use of aerial LIDAR dataBingöl, Ferhat 
Sep-2016Wind atlas of Bay of Bengal with satellite wind measurmentNadi, Navila Rahman