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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Group key establishment protocols: Pairing cryptography and verifiable secret sharing schemeAslanoğlu, Rabia
2017Implementation and evaluation of improved secure index scheme using standard and counting bloom filtersTekin, Leyla; Şahin, Serap 
2019IoT - Smart contract rule based secure communication scheme for healthcare systemKul, Aslı; Azin, Eda Nur; Özdemir, Oğulcan; Şahin, Serap 
Oct-2016Matching of social media accounts by using public informationÇetinkal, Yağız
2017A novel approach to information spreading models for social networksSayın, Burcu ; Şahin, Serap 
2022A novel efficient method for tracking evolution of communities in dynamic networksKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2013On current trends in security and privacy of cloud computingŞahin, Serap 
Apr-2022P/key: PUF based second factor authenticationUysal, Ertan
2008The performance results of ECDSA implementation on different coordinate systemsAtay, Serap 
2019Privacy issues in post dissemination on FacebookSayın, Burcu ; Şahin, Serap ; Kogias, Dimitrios G.; Patrikakis, Charalampos Z.
2018Privacy issues on social networksŞahin, Serap 
2021A review on predicting evolution of communitiesKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
Oct-2017A review on social bot detection techniques and research directionsKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
2018Sosyal bot algılama teknikleri ve araştırma yönleri üzerine bir incelemeKarataş, Arzum ; Şahin, Serap 
Feb-2022A study on early decryption mechanism at veriflable delay functionsÖzdemir, Oğulcan
Jul-2021Tracking and prediction of evolution of communities in dynamic networksKarataş, Arzum