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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analytic functions on time scalesKapçak, Sinan
2003An application with webMathematicaUfuktepe, Ünal 
2005Applications of graph coloringUfuktepe, Ünal ; Bacak, Gökşen
2008Applications of Petri netsYılmaz, Buket
Jun-2007Applying Mathematica and webMathematica to graph coloringUfuktepe, Ünal ; Bacak, Gökşen
2003Basic calculus on time scale with mathematicaYantır, Ahmet; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
2001Can CPT be violated through extended time reversal?Erdem, Recai ; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
2007Dynamical systems on time scalesDündar, Veli
2006E-calculus at IZTECHUfuktepe, Ünal ; Ufuktepe, Günnur; Deniz, Aslı; Dündar, Veli
2004Edge coloring of a graphBeşeri, Tina
2004Graph coloring with webMathematicaUfuktepe, Ünal ; Bacak, Gökşen; Beşeri Sevim, Tina
2002Inequalities for buckling of a clamped plateUfuktepe, Ünal ; Mchale, K. P.
2001Inequalities for the vibrating clamped plate problemMchale, K. P.; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
2009Lebesgue-Stieltjes measure on time scalesDeniz, Aslı; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
2005Mathematica applications on time scalesYantır, Ahmet; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
2006Measure on time scales with mathematicaUfuktepe, Ünal ; Yantır, Ahmet
2007Measure theory on times scalesDeniz, Aslı
2004Oscillation theory for second order differential equations and dynamic equations on time scalesYantır, Ahmet
2003Partial differential equations with webMathematicaUfuktepe, Ünal 
2008Probability theory applications on time scalesKahraman, Sevcan