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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Antiproliferative properties of 2'-alkoxymethyl substituted klavuzon derivativesYıldız, Mehmet Salih
2021Breast cancer cells and macrophages in a paracrine-juxtacrine loopÖnal, Sevgi; Türker Burhan, Merve; Batı Ayaz, Gizem; Yanık, Hamdullah; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
2014Cell adhesion on nanomater scale fibronectin patterns: A comparision of breast cancer cells and normal breast epithelial cellsHorzum, Utku
Oct-2017Cellular distribution of invadopodia is regulated by nanometer scale surface protein patternsBatı Ayaz, Gizem; Can, Ali; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Cellular mechanosensing at a distanceCan, Ali
Jul-2016Comparison od side effects of anti-cancer drugs in 2D and 3D and, classical and cell-on-a-chip culturesKankale, Deniz
2014Design and fabrication of microfluidic device that allows investigation of distance dependent interactions of two different cell typesSağlam, Murat
12-Aug-2015Differentiation of normal and cancer cell adhesion on custom designed protein nanopatternsHorzum, Utku; Özdil, Berrin; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Evaluation of biophysical aspedts of cancer using lab-on-a chip devicesTahmaz, İsmail
2014Fabrication of 3D controlled in vitro microenvironmentsÖzdil, Berrin; Önal, Sevgi; Oruç, Tuğçe; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jun-2017Interactions of cancer cells and macrophages on the EGF-EGFR axis: Chemotaxis, haptotaxis or direct contact?Önal, Sevgi
2014Invadopodia formation on nanometer scale protein patternsBatı, Gizem
2014Invadopodia: Proteolytic feet of cancer cellsBatı, Gizem; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
May-2019Lab-on-a-chip devices for drug screeningGökçe, Begüm
2014Method that positions cell-laden or cell-free matrices at defined positions from each other inside a single microfluidic channelTarım, Emre
Apr-2015Microfluidic device for investigation of distance dependent interactions in cell biologyPesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jun-2014Micrometer scale spacings between fibronectin nanodots regulate cell morphology and focal adhesionsHorzum, Utku; Özdil, Berrin; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Mimicking the tumor microenvironment in lab-on-a-chip devicesBilgen, Müge
2020A new drug testing platform based on 3D tri-culture in lab-on-a-chip devicesGökçe, Begüm; Akçok, İsmail; Çağır, Ali ; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Plant-on-a-chip devices for sed screeningYetgin, Ali