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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Archiving of the conservation data of immovable cultural assets dating to 1300-1600 in Urla center using GISYönder, Veli Mustafa 
11-Dec-2018Assessment of the interventions regarding some historical mosques in Manisa within the frame of conservation valuesKoşun, Suna
2018Behind the 3D scene: A GIS approach for managing the chronological information of historic buildingsSaygı, Gamze; Agugiaro, Giorgio; Hamamcıoğlu Turan, Mine 
2023The challenges and advantages of macro modeling in ANSYS software for seismic vulnerability assessment of historic masonry structuresDemir, Hatice Ayşegül; Yücetürk, Kutay ; Aktaş, Engin ; Hamamcıoğlu Turan, Mine 
Jul-2015Conservation aimed evaluation of Darkale rural settlement in Soma, ManisaEtlacakuş, Ayşen
Mar-2021Conservation aimed evaluation of the bath ruin in Gülbahçe, Urla, İzmirÇağlıyurt, Aslı
2006Conservation project of Latife Hanım House in Karşıyaka, IzmirDipburun, Esra
Jun-2019Conservation-aimed evaluation of a historical aqueduct in IzmirMamaklı, Fatma Sezgi; Turan, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin ; Vardaroğlu, Mustafa
2022Consolidation of a bath ruin in an archaeological siteDurmuşlar, Feyza; Turan, Mine ; Yücetürk, Kutay ; Aktaş, Engin 
Jun-2019Construction techniques of hayat houses: Two case studies in the vicinity of IzmirTuran, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin ; Mamaklı, Fatma Sezgi; Kaplan, Zişan
Dec-2017Current conservation state of some Art Nouveau houses and apartment buildings in IstanbulTürkarslan, Gizem
Sep-2016Development of a database for the restitution phases of Kurşunlu Khan in ManisaSaygı, Gamze
2008Documentation of a historical house with close range digital photogrammetryAkbaylar, İpek
2007Documentation of a vernacular house with close-range digital photogrammetryAkbaylar, İpek; Turan, Mine 
Jun-2011Documentation of historic structures for the assessment of heritage characteristicsTuran, Mine ; Akbaylar, İpek
2009Documentation of Necatibey Boulevar in Izmir with close range digital photogrammetrySaygı, Gamze
2013Documentation of the lower bath in metropolis, Torbalı, Izmir for the assessment of heritage characteristicsBüyükkılıç, Suna
2020Effect of urban transformation on the values of historic sites around mosques: Two cases in Manisa, TurkeyBüyükkılıç Koşun, Suna; Turan, Mine 
2013Evaluation of architectural heritage characteristics of Bekirbeyler House in Kula, ManisaKırtaş, Esra
Dec-2018Evaluation of current conservation activities in Kuşadası urban siteYönetken, Elif Ece