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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Preparation of novel fiber coatings for solid phase microextraction of flavonoidsEsen, Meral
2012Preparation of tyrosinase immobilized chitosan and gelatin films for detection of parathion-methylPolatoğlu, İlker
2010Preparation, characterization of enzyme immobilized membranes and modeling og their performancesYürekli, Yılmaz
Dec-2018Preparation, production and industrial application of cheese protective culturesŞatana, Elçin
Dec-2022Probabilistic finite element model updating and damage detection of structures by using Bayesian statisticsCeylan, Hasan
Jul-2019Processing foam-like porous glass structure using a combined process of glass powder expansion in aqueous environment and sintering processZeren, Doğuş
Jul-2022Production and characterization of porous ceramics for high temperature applicationsSemerci, Tuğçe
Jul-2014Production of high quality functional proteins from legumes and plant based agroindustrial wastes and byproductsAydemir, Levent Yurdaer
2011Production of nano CaCO3 by carbonization routeMolva, Murat
Jun-2023Production of pectin from wastes and low-grade products of sun-dried fig processing: Optimization of pectin extraction and characterization of its major propertiesÇavdaroğlu, Elif
2012Production of pectinase from aspergillus sojae by solid-state fermentationDemir, Hande
Jul-2021Properties of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete for impact loadingAlami, Mohammad Musa
Mar-2021Properties of lime binders and aggregates of Roman mortars in Western AnatoliaTaşcı, Burcu 
Jun-2015A proposal for a retrofitting model for educational buildings in terms of energey efficient lighting criteriaBayram, Göze
27-Sep-2018Proteomic analyses of biological samples by using different mass spectrometric strategiesDinç, Melilke
May-2017Proteomic studies and its application to biological samples using mass spectrometryGüray, Melda Zeynep
Jul-2014Public city, private interest: Facing the conflict of power and ownership in the field of planning practices in IzmirErkan, Gökhan Hüseyin
2009Quantitative analysis of urban morphology: Exploring ethnic urban formations and structure in the city of IzmirAlper, Sabri
Jul-2017Quantum calculus of classical Heat-Burgers' hierarchy and quantum coherent statesNalcı Tümer, Şengül
2011Questioning the privatization of public space: the "publicness" of shopping centersTaşkın Erten, Özlem