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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Optimum land-use allocation using binary integer programming and geographic information systems: Case of C¸es¸meTürk, Ersin
2009Quantitative analysis of urban morphology: Exploring ethnic urban formations and structure in the city of I·zmirAlper, Sabri
2009Traffic accident predictions based on fuzzy logic approach for safer urban environments, case study: I·zmir Metropolitan AreaSelvi, Ömer
2009Integrating case based reasoning and geographic information systems in a planing support system: C¸es¸me Peninsula studyÇınar, Ali Kemal
2009Gas permeation through sol-gel derived alumina and silica based membranesTopuz, Berna
2009Nitrogen monoxide storage and release properties of local natural zeolite for biological applicationsNarin, Güler
2009Integrated approach to whey utilization through natural zeolite adsorption/ desorption and fermentationPolat, Zelal
2009Enhancement of thermal, electrical and optical properties of zinc oxide filled polymer matrix nano compositesÖzmıhçı Ömürlü, Filiz
2009The effect of microwaves on ion exchange in zeolitesAkdeniz, Yelda
2009Investigation of effects of microstructural and surface properties of ultrafiltration/ nanofiltration ceramic membranes on their performanceErdem, İlker
2009Development of genetic algorithm based classification and cluster analysis methods for analytical dataÖztürk, Betül
2009Developing a strategic decision- making process for local energy planning and urban land- use evaluations: The case for Balc¸ova geothermal energyKutluca, Ahmet Kıvanç
2009Nanosized zing borate productionGönen, Mehmet
2009Preparation of hydroxyapatite/silk protein thin film implant surfaces, investigation of their microstructural properties and model protein interactionsÖzcan, Selçuk
2009Optimization of the axial crushing behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam filled welded 1050 al square-cross section crashboxesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan
2009Rheological behavior of nanocrystalline / submicron ceramic powder dispersionsÇağlar Duvarcı, Özlem 
2010The effects of SiC particle addition on the foaming and mechanical behavior of aluminum closed-cell foams produced by foamming of powder compactsYu¨ksel, Sinan
2010A novel transformation model for deployable scissor-hinge structuresAkgün, Yenal
2010The impact of organizationaol learning on Turkish architectural design firms' performance: A structural equation model doctor of philosophyBarlak Öztürk, Gözde Başak
2010A method on energey-efficient retrofitting for existing building envelopesGüçyeter, Başak