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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Instrumentalisation of natural science for the reconstruction of architectural konowledge: Lissitzky, Doesburg, Meyer, Teigeİnceköse, Ülkü 
2007Secure urban environments by design:analysis of Konak square design through"crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) princioplesDeniz, Deniz
2007A comparative study on the works of German expatriate architects in their home-land and in Turkey during the period of 1927-1950Pöğün Zander, Yüksel
2007An evaluation methodology for assessing artificial lighting quality in architecture: The case of ApikamKutlu, Hilmi Gökhan
2007Critique of legislation by scientific-technical criteria: toward classification of cultural properties in TurkeyMarmasan, Önder
2007Effect of colloidal interactions in the forming of lead magnesium niobate ceramicsDeliormanlı, Aylin M.
2007A model for assesing project management maturity level of architectural design offices (ARCH-PMM)Beset, Doğan Arda
2007Information technologies and urban sapce acase study on Maslak, İstanbulGeçer, Feral
2007The impact of pedestrianization on residential property rental valuesCömertler, Seval
2007Detection of environmental and urban change using remote sensing and GISTarhan, Çiğdem
2008An experimental and theoretical study on the improvement of adsorption heat pump performanceDemir, Hasan
2008Development of multi and double walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) / vinylester nanocompositesSeyhan, Abdullah Tuğrul
2008Analysis and synthesis of parallel manipulatorsCan, Fatih Cemal
2008The phenomenon of the home in modern culture: Transcendental homelessness and escape fantasy at the intersection of art and designTalu, Nilüfer 
2008Evaluating the impact of urban competitive advantages on economic revitalization of deprived inner cities through a case study held in istanbulYalçıntaş Ağan, Hande
2008The effects of improvement plans on urban transformation process in illegal built up/squatter areas in Turkey: İzmir and Ankara casesEğercioğlu, Yakup
2008The constitution of power relations in spacesof industrial production: The case of four Su¨merbank Campuses in the Aegean RegionUzunoğlu, Erdal
2008Architectural memorialisation of war: ars memoriae and landscape of Gallipoli BattlesYılmaz, Ahenk
2009Gas permeation through sol-gel derived alumina and silica based membranesTopuz, Berna
2009Nitrogen monoxide storage and release properties of local natural zeolite for biological applicationsNarin, Güler