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Dec-2019Analysis of the relationship between daylight illuminance and cognitive, affective and physiological changes in visual display terminal workersÖner, Merve; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Leccese, F.; Salvadori, G.
Aug-2009Artificial neural networks to predict daylight illuminance in office buildingsKazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Günaydın, Hüsnü Murat ; Binol, Selcen
2014Comparison of advanced daylighting systems to improve illuminance and uniformity through simulation modellingKazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Fırat Örs, Pelin
2015Comparison of measured and computed BSDF of a daylight redirecting componentGrobe, Lars Oliver ; Noback, A.; Wittkopf, Stephen; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
7-Jan-2021Exploring the impact of external shading system on cognitive task performance, alertness and visual comfort in a daylit workplace environmentLeccese, F.; Salvodori, G.; Öner, Merve; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
May-2017High-resolution data-driven models of Daylight Redirection ComponentsGrobe, Lars Oliver ; Wittkopf, Stephen; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
2020Hybrid-model simulations to equilibrate energy demand and daylight autonomy as a function of window-to-wall ratio and orientation for a perimeter office in IzmirBaş, Hakan; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
2019Illuminance and luminance based ratios in the scope of performance testing of a light shelf-reflective louver system in a library reading roomÖner, Merve; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
May-2013An investigation on daylighting performance in educational institutionsİnan, Tuğba
2019Photon mapping to accelerate daylight simulation with high-resolution, data-driven fenestration modelsGrobe, Lars Oliver 
2017Scale-model and simulation-based assessments for design alternatives of daylight redirecting systems for side-lighting in an educational design roomGrobe, Lars Oliver ; Hancı Geçit, Burcu; Sevinç, Zeynep; Altınkaya, Gülce; Aksakarya, Gizem; Ergin, Meltem; Öztürk, Yasemin; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
2016Simulation-based retrofitting of an educational building in terms of optimum shading device and energy efficient artificial lighting criteriaBayram, Göze; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe 
1-Jun-2016Three approaches to optimize optical properties and size of a South-facing window for spatial Daylight AutonomyKazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Grobe, Lars Oliver ; Bauer, Carsten; Krehel, Marek; Wittkopf, Stephen