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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Comparative analysis of recruitment qualifications of industrial designers in Turkey through undergraduate education programs and online recruitment resourcesErkarslan, Önder ; Kaya, Nazife Aslı; Dilek, Özgün
2017Design study of a medical deviceTaşkın, Burcu; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri 
Jan-2017Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industryGöken, Müge; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri ; Dabic, Marina
2015Exploring the design factors of smart glassesOk, Ali Emre; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri 
Oct-2012Hyphenated identities: The recept ion of Turkish German cinema in the Turkish daily pressTunç Cox, Ayça 
2010Modernlik söylemi: Endişeli bakışlarda modern bireyTalu, Nilüfer 
2011Optimization of product design through quality function deployment and analytical hierarchy process: Case study of a ceramic washbasinErkarslan, Önder ; Yılmaz, Hande
1997Progress depends on unbalance and disorderÖzcan, A. Can
Aug-2016A study on the relationship between task, information, and individual performanceÇayır, Sinan; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri ; Daim, Tuğrul U.
Jan-2018Symbolic creativity in play activity: a critique on playthings from daily life objects to toysTalu, Nilüfer 
2013A systematic review of the relations between industrial design education and industry in Turkey through SWOT analysisErkarslan, Önder 
Aug-2017What will it take to adopt smart glasses: A consumer choice based review?Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri ; Ok, Ali Emre; Daim, Tuğrul U.