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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A review of boron removal from aqueous solution using carbon-based materials: An assessment of health risksGören, Ayşegül Yağmur; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal; Karagündüz, Ahmet; Khataee, Alireza; Yoon, Yeojoon
4-Feb-2022CVD-Deposited oxygen-selective fluorinated siloxane copolymers as gas diffusion layersCihanoğlu, Gizem; Ebil, Özgenç 
2021Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvent effect on acrylic acid separation from aqueous media by using reactive extraction and modeling with response surface methodologyLalikoğlu, Melisa; Aşçı, Yavuz Selim; Sırma Tarım, Burcu; Yıldız, Mahmut; Arat, Refik
Nov-2021Phytoremediation of olive mill wastewater with Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash and Cyperus alternifolius L.Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur; Yücel, Arzu; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil ; Sofuoğlu, Aysun 
22-Nov-2021Photocatalytic hydrogen energy evolution from sugar beet wastewaterOrak, Ceren; Yüksel, Aslı 
2021Modification of grape pulp with citric acid for the production of natural ion exchanger resin and removal of Pb (II) and Cd (II) from aqueous solutions: kinetic, thermodynamics, and mechanismArslanoğlu, Esra; Eren, Muhammet Ş. A.; Arslanoğlu, Hasan; Çiftçi, Harun
2021Effects of Span 60 template and freeze drying on zinc borate produced from zinc nitrate hexahydrate and borax decahydrateAlp, Burcu ; Gönen, Mehmet; Atakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim 
2020Photocatalytic and optical properties of zinc oxide structures prepared at different urea concentrationsUysal, Berk; Şen, Selin; Top, Ayben 
2022Carbonaceous materials for removal and recovery of phosphate species: Limitations, successes and future improvementRecepoğlu, Yaşar K.; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Orooji, Yasin; Khataee, Alireza
2021Resource recovery from and management of wastewater in rural South Africa: Possibilities and practicesMontwedi, Masego; Munyaradzi, Mujuru; Pinoy, Luc; Dutta, Abhishek ; Ikumi, David S.; Motoasca, Emilia; Van der Bruggen, Bart
2021Special issue on “process modeling in pyrometallurgical engineering”Saxen, Henrik; Ramirez-Argaez, Marco A.; Conejo, Alberto N.; Dutta, Abhishek 
2021Fabrication, characterization, and adsorption applications of low-cost hybride activated carbons from peanut shell-vinasse mixtures by one-step pyrolysisArslanoğlu, Esra; Eren, Muhammet Şakir Abdullah; Arslanoğlu, Hasan; Çiftçi, Harun
2021Evaluation of liposomal and microbubbles mediated delivery of doxorubicin in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models for breast cancerAydın, Melek; Özdemir, Ekrem ; Altun, Zekiye; Kılıç, Sevgi ; Aktaş, Safiye
2021Numerical study of electrostatic desalting process based on droplet collision timeRamirez-Argaez, Marco A.; Abreu-Lopez, Diego; Gracia-Fadrique, Jesus; Dutta, Abhishek 
2021Robust fluorinated siloxane copolymers via initiated chemical vapor deposition for corrosion protectionCihanoğlu, Gizem; Ebil, Özgenç 
2021A positively charged loose nanofiltration membrane fabricated through complexing of alginate and polyethyleneimine with metal ions on the polyamideimide support for dye desalinationMetecan, Ayşe; Cihanoğlu, Aydın; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2021Synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies of phosphorylated cellulose for the recovery of lithium from aqueous solutionsRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal; Yüksel, Aslı 
2021Graphene-supported LaFeO3 for photocatalytic hydrogen energy productionOrak, Ceren; Yüksel, Aslı 
2021Facile fabrication of Anti-biofouling polyaniline ultrafiltration membrane by green citric acid doping processGüngörmüş, Elif; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2021Phosphorylated hazelnut shell waste for sustainable lithium recovery application as biosorbentRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal; Yüksel, Aslı 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 460