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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solution on high lime fly ash: Kinetic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic studiesKeleşoğlu, Serkan; Kes, Mürşide; Sütçü, Leman; Polat, Hürriyet 
Jan-1999Adsorption of PEO/PPO triblock co-polymers and wetting of coalPolat, Hürriyet ; Chander, Subhash
Sep-2004Alumina/water suspensions in the presence of PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymersŞakar Deliormanlı, Aylin; Polat, Hürriyet ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2020Analysis of dilution induced disintegration of micellar drug carriers in the presence of inter and intra micellar speciesPolat, Hürriyet ; Kutluay, Gülistan; Polat, Mehmet 
Jan-2010Analytical solution of Poisson-Boltzmann equation for interacting plates of arbitrary potentials and same signPolat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet 
5-Mar-2016Ancillary effects of surfactants on filtration of low molecular weight contaminants through cellulose nitrate membrane filtersOlcay, Aybike Nil; Polat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet 
Jul-2006Capacity and mechanism of phenol adsorption on lignitePolat, Hürriyet ; Molva, Murat; Polat, Mehmet 
Mar-2002Characterization of airborne particles and droplets: Relation to amount of airborne dust and dust collection efficiencyPolat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet ; Chander, Subhash; Hogg, Richard
Nov-2009Determination of the particle interactions, rheology and the surface roughness relationship for dental restorative ceramicsKes, Mürşide; Polat, Hürriyet ; Keleşoğlu, Serkan; Polat, Mehmet ; Aksoy, Gökhan
Dec-2001Effect of PEO/PPO type triblock copolymers on dispersion behaviour of aqueous alumina suspensionsŞakar, Aylin M.; Polat, Hürriyet ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
2000Effect of some physical, and chemical variables on flocculation and sediment behaviourPolat, Hürriyet ; Polat, Mehmet ; İpekoğlu, Üner
Dec-2006Effect of various treatment and glazing (coating) techniques on the roughness and wettability of ceramic dental restorative surfacesAksoy, Gökhan; Polat, Hürriyet ; Polat, Mehmet ; Çoşkun, G.
2004Effects of mechanical treatment on the formation of α-Al 2O3 from gibbsiteŞakar Deliormanlı, Aylin; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Polat, Hürriyet 
May-2000Electrostatic charge on spray droplets of aqueous surfactant solutionsPolat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet ; Chander, Subhash
Apr-2010Encapsulating fly ash and acidic process waste water in brick structureKöseoğlu, K.; Polat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet 
Sep-2007Heavy metal removal from waste waters by ion flotationPolat, Hürriyet ; Erdoğan, D.
Sep-1999Kinetics of oil dispersion in the absence and presence of block copolymersPolat, Hürriyet ; Polat, Mehmet ; Chander, Subhash
Apr-2004A new methodology for removal of boron from water by coal and fly ashPolat, Hürriyet ; Vengosh, Avner; Pankratov, Irena; Polat, Mehmet 
Sep-2003Physical and chemical interactions in coal flotationPolat, Mehmet ; Polat, Hürriyet ; Chander, Subhash
Jun-2011Physicochemical characterization of chitosan extracted from Metapenaeus stebbingi shellsKüçükgülmez, Aygül; Çelik, Mehmet; Yanar, Yasemen; Şen, Didem; Polat, Hürriyet ; Kadak, Ali Eslem