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Jan-2015An analytic approach to a class of fractional differential-difference equations of rational type via symbolic computationAslan, İsmail 
Apr-2014Analytic investigation of a reaction-Diffusion brusselator model with the time-space fractional derivativeAslan, İsmail 
Mar-2009Analytic study on two nonlinear evolution equations by using the (G'/G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail ; Öziş, Turgut
Dec-2012Comment on: The (G'/G)-expansion method for the nonlinear lattice equations [Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 17 (2012) 3490-3498]Aslan, İsmail 
Jan-2012The discrete (G'/G)-expansion method applied to the differential-difference Burgers equation and the relativistic Toda lattice systemAslan, İsmail 
Dec-2009Discrete exact solutions to some nonlinear differential-difference equations via the (G'/G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail 
Sep-2009Exact and explicit solutions to some nonlinear evolution equations by utilizing the (G'/G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail 
14-Nov-2011Exact and explicit solutions to the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a saturable nonlinearityAslan, İsmail 
Dec-2016Exact solutions for fractional DDEs via auxiliary equation method coupled with the fractional complex transformAslan, İsmail 
2009The extended discrete (G'/G)-expansion method and its application to the relativistic toda lattice systemAslan, İsmail 
Sep-2010A note on the (G'/G)-expansion method againAslan, İsmail 
May-2009On the validity and reliability of the (G'/G)-expansion method by using higher-order nonlinear equationsAslan, İsmail ; Öziş, Turgut
Mar-2012Some exact solutions for Toda type lattice differential equations using the improved (G'/G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail 
2009Symbolic computation and construction of new exact traveling wave solutions to Fitzhugh-Nagumo and Klein-Gordon equationsÖziş, Turgut; Aslan, İsmail 
Nov-2014Symbolic computation of exact solutions for fractional differential-difference equation modelsAslan, İsmail