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202214th of the International Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering, ICHE 2022: Proceeding bookElçi, Şebnem ; Bombar, Gökçen
Feb-2017Analysis and assessment of hydrochemical characteristics of Maragheh-Bonab Plain aquifer, Northwest of IranFijani, Elham; Moghaddam, Asghar A.; Tsai, Frank T.-C.; Tayfur, Gökmen 
2010Arsenic in groundwater in Western Anatolia, Turkey: a reviewGündüz, Orhan ; Baba, Alper ; Elpit, Handan
2005Assessmanet of exposure and risk associated with trihalomethanes and other volatile organic compounds in drinking waterKavcar, Pınar
2017Assessment of water quality related to lead/zinc mines in Umurbey dam basin, Northwestern TurkeyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2022Design of an Artificial Destratification System to Control Cyanobacteria Growth in ReservoirsHazar, O.; Bahadıroğlu, N.; Karakaya, D.; Elçi, Ş. 
Jan-2023Destratification of thermally stratified water columns by air diffusersElçi, Şebnem ; Hazar, Oğuz; Bahadıroğlu, Nisa ; Karakaya, Derya; Bor, Aslı
2018Determining water and sediment quality related to lead-zinc mining activityŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
Apr-2010Effect of alteration zones on water quality: A case study from Biga Peninsula, TurkeyBaba, Alper ; Gündüz, Orhan 
Jan-2017Effect of geogenic factors on water quality and its relation to human health around Mount Ida, TurkeyBaba, Alper ; Gündüz, Orhan 
2017Effect of urbanization on groundwater resources of Izmir cityBaba, Alper ; Yazdani, Hamidreza
2013Effects of basin activities and land use on water quality trends in Tahtali Basin, TurkeyElçi, Şebnem ; Selçuk, Pelin
Dec-2019Effects of oxygenation in stratified reservoirs on concetrations of manganese and iron in bottom sedimentsVural Aydın, Buse
Aug-2008Effects of thermal stratification and mixing on reservoir water qualityElçi, Şebnem 
Apr-2013Geochemical characterization of acid mine lakes in Northwest Turkey and their effect on the environmentŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
Nov-2013How do contaminated reservoir bottom sediments affect water quality? An assessment using SWIM modelElçi, Şebnem ; Şimşek, Sinem Elif
2014Hydrogeochemical characteristics of acidic water sources around Can Region, Biga Peninsula, NW TurkeyŞanlıyüksel Yücel, Deniz; Baba, Alper 
2012An integrated assessment of water quality in an arsenic containing aquifer: Milestones from hydrogeology to public healthGündüz, Orhan ; Şimşek, Celalettin; Elçi, Alper; Baba, Alper ; Bakar, Çoşkun; Gürleyük, Hakan; Çakır, A.; Mutlu, Merdiye
2009Investigation of effects of land use changes in Tahtalı River Basin on water qualitySelçuk, Pelin
Jul-2021Surface water quality modeling for best management practices - a case study from Bakırçay River BasinKazancı, Yiğithan 
2023Sustainability of water, sanitation, and hygiene: From prehistoric times to the present times and the futureAngelakis, Andreas N.; Capodaglio, Andrea G.; Passchier, Cees W.; Valipour, Mohammad; Krasilnikoff, Jens; Tzanakakis, Vasileios A.; Suermelihindi, Guel; Baba, Alper 
2016Tracing the relative distribution of arsenic species in groundwater and its association with soil arsenic levels in the Simav Graben area, TurkeyGündüz, Orhan ; Şimşek, Celalettin; Elçi, Alper; Baba, Alper ; Gürleyük, Hakan