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2003An investigation of the presence of methane and other gases at the Uzundere-Izmir solid waste disposal site, Izmir, TurkeyOnargan, Turgay; Küçük, Kerim; Polat, Mehmet 
Oct-2006Occurrence, oral exposure and risk assessment of volatile organic compounds in drinking water for IzmirKavcar, Pınar; Odabaşı, Mustafa; Kitiş, Mehmet; İnal, Fikret ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil 
Dec-2008Seasonal variation in drinking water concentrations of disinfection by-products in Izmir and associated human health risksBaytak, Derya; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; İnal, Fikret ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil 
Jul-2016Solid phase extraction of ibuprofen in waters with molecularly imprinted polymers prior to HPLC-DAD determinationÖlçer, Yekta Arya
15-Jul-2011Solid phase extractive preconcentration coupled to gas chromatography- atomic emission detection for the determination of chlorophenols in water samplesElçi, Latif; Kolbe, Nina; Elçi, Şükrü Gökhan; Andersson, Jan T.