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Jul-2016Sales history-based demand prediction by using generalized linear modelsÖzenboy, Başar
2008Salt stress responsive proteins identification in wild sugar beet (Beta maritima) by mass spectrometryBaydara, Emine Pınar
Dec-2021Sb2Se3 absorber layered solar cell fabrication and characterizationKurtuldu, Seher Hazal 
2013Scale up studies and determination of growth and polygalacturonase formation kinetics of aspergillus sojae mutant strainGöğüş, Nihan
Jul-2020Scaled down modelling of a horizontal wind turbine for a floating wind turbine researchErol, Serkan
2013Scheduling the turkish soccer league using mathematical programmingGüney, Faruk
2003Screening for industrially important extracellular enzymes from alkalophilic bacillus genusAkbalık, Güney
2008Screening of some plant species for their total antioxidant and antimicrobial activitiesKaçar, Diren
Dec-2022Screening Spirulina stranins for protein productivity based on cultivation under photobioreactor conditionsyBinkanat, Tahir Burak
2007Seasonal variation in disinfection by-product concentrations in Izmir drinking waterBaytak, Derya
Jul-2020Secure beamforming for millimeter wave communicationsErdoğan, Oğulcan
2007Secure urban environments by design:analysis of Konak square design through"crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) princioplesDeniz, Deniz
2009Seismic behavior of steel i-beams modified by a welded haunch and reinforced with glass fiber reinforced polymersÖzdemir, Timur
2010Seismic behavior of steel I-beams reinfor ced with glass fiber reinforced polymer: An experimental studyYormaz, Doruk
2013Seismic liquefaction: 1-G model testing system and shake table testsKahraman, İrem
Jul-2022Seismic vulnerability assessment of Bergama BedestenDemir, Hatice Ayşegül
Jun-2020Selective catalytic conversion of cellulose and glucose into sorbitol in subcritical waterSapmaz, Aycan
Jul-2016Selective fructose dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfufural by heterogeneous sulfated catalysts in different solventsKılıç, Emre
2013Selective hydrogenation of citral over mesoporous Ru/TiO2/SiO2 catalystsHassan, Hassanain Abbas
2014Selective loading of organofilic Ag nanoparticles in PS-PMMA blendsTüzüner, Şeyda