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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Q-periodicity, self-similarity and weierstrass-mandelbrot functionErkuş, Soner
2010QTL analysis for fruit traits in Solanum pimpinellifolium inbred backcross linesTamer, Nilüfer
2008A qualitative machine health assessment by running quality indexÖnder, Olcay
2012Quality assessment of de novo sequence assembly toolsGültekin, Visam
2012Quality characteristics and shelf-life of 'Armola' cheeseOrşahin, Hande
2009Quality characteristics of traditional sepet cheeseErcan, Duygu
2005Quality function deployment: A method for user-centered designAslan, Cansel Elif
2008Quality life cycle of object oriented software development in extreme programmingMutlu, Gökçe
2012Quality-adaptive media streamingTos, Uras
2009Quantitative analysis of urban morphology: Exploring ethnic urban formations and structure in the city of IzmirAlper, Sabri
Jul-2021Quantitative phase analysis in lensless digital inline holographic microscopyDemir, Ali Aslan
2009Quantitative trait analysis in solanum lycopersicum x solanum peruvianumYüce, Duygu
Jul-2017Quantum calculus of classical Heat-Burgers' hierarchy and quantum coherent statesNalcı Tümer, Şengül
2004Quantum chemical investigations on acetylenic carbon rich compounds as molecular construction kitAydın, Mustafa
2014Quantum control and generation of quantum entanglementAltuğ, Sevil
Mar-2018Quantum dynamics of noise assisted excitation transportÖzkan, Hazan
Jun-2018Quantum Monte Carlo study of the multi-orbital Anderson model including the SU(2) invariant Hund's couplingÖztarhan, Gökhan
Jul-2017Quantum transport in nanostructured materialsKurt, Gizem
Jul-2020Quantum walks: Entanglement between spatial degrees of freedom and interference in multi-photon walksKarlı, Yusuf
2004Quasi-static and high strain-rate mechanical behavior of FP™ (α-alumina) long fiber reinforced magnesium and aluminum metal matrix compositesAkil, Övünç