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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Q-periodicity, self-similarity and weierstrass-mandelbrot functionErkuş, Soner
2010QTL analysis for fruit traits in Solanum pimpinellifolium inbred backcross linesTamer, Nilüfer
2008A qualitative machine health assessment by running quality indexÖnder, Olcay
Jul-2022Qualitative properties of solutions of some Keller-Segel type systemsÖzdemir, Derya
2012Quality assessment of de novo sequence assembly toolsGültekin, Visam
2012Quality characteristics and shelf-life of 'Armola' cheeseOrşahin, Hande
2009Quality characteristics of traditional sepet cheeseErcan, Duygu
2005Quality function deployment: A method for user-centered designAslan, Cansel Elif
2008Quality life cycle of object oriented software development in extreme programmingMutlu, Gökçe
2012Quality-adaptive media streamingTos, Uras
2009Quantitative analysis of urban morphology: Exploring ethnic urban formations and structure in the city of IzmirAlper, Sabri
Jul-2021Quantitative phase analysis in lensless digital inline holographic microscopyDemir, Ali Aslan
2009Quantitative trait analysis in solanum lycopersicum x solanum peruvianumYüce, Duygu
Jul-2017Quantum calculus of classical Heat-Burgers' hierarchy and quantum coherent statesNalcı Tümer, Şengül
2004Quantum chemical investigations on acetylenic carbon rich compounds as molecular construction kitAydın, Mustafa
2014Quantum control and generation of quantum entanglementAltuğ, Sevil
Mar-2018Quantum dynamics of noise assisted excitation transportÖzkan, Hazan
Jun-2018Quantum Monte Carlo study of the multi-orbital Anderson model including the SU(2) invariant Hund's couplingÖztarhan, Gökhan
Jul-2017Quantum transport in nanostructured materialsKurt, Gizem
Jul-2020Quantum walks: Entanglement between spatial degrees of freedom and interference in multi-photon walksKarlı, Yusuf