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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Gas adsorption in volumetric systemBecer, Metin
2009Gas permeation through sol-gel derived alumina and silica based membranesTopuz, Berna
2013Gas-phase fragmentation mechanisms of protonated peptides via tandem mass spectrometryTaşoğlu, Çağdaş
Jul-2020Gauged and geometric vector fields at the MeV scalePuliçe, Beyhan
2013Gelcasting of alumina ceramics with gelatin and carrageenan gum and investigation of their mechanical propertiesKoçlar, Galip Sarper
2005Generalization of cofinitely supplemented modules to latticesÇetindil, Yasin
Nov-2017Generalized Bayesian model selection using reversible jump Markov chain Monte CarloKarakuş, Oktay
Jul-2018Generalized Golden-Fibonacci calculus and applicationsÖzvatan, Merve
Jul-2017Generation and characterization of three dimensional organotypic KID syndrome skin modelÖztürk, Özgür
2005Generation of improved E.coli strains to be used in the construction of ligand librariesElmacı, Zehra Seda
Jul-2018Generation of mutant libraries for directed evolution of a thermophilic P450 enzymeHaklı, Emre
1999A genetic algorithmic approach to the differential and linear cryptanalysisEminağaoğlu, Mete
2005Genetic characterization of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) resistance in tomato and pepperBalcı, Evrim
2011Genetic diversity of Turkish spinach cultivarsAvşar, Bihter
2010Genetic mapping and characterization of eggplant for glycoalkaloid contentGürbüz, Nergiz 
Jun-2022Genetic modification of glycoalkaloid content in eggplant by agrobacterium-mediated transformation techniqueGültekin, Helin
2010A genetic-fuzzy system modeling of trip distributionKompil, Mert
2008Genomic profiling of microRNAs regulating translation in drosophila melanogaster embryosTüncel, Özge
2003Genotypic characterization of extracellular enzyme producing thermophilic bacteria in Balçova Geothermal RegionYavuz, Elif
Dec-2016Geometric and mobility analysis of the Miura-Ori pattern and derivationsHüseynli, Ayten