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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Double-skin facade options for optimum daylight quality: An office case in IzmirErgin, Meltem
5-Dec-2018Down-converting polymer composites and their white light applicationsGüner, Tuğrul
Jul-2016Drought and trend analysis in Trarza region im MauritaniaTraore, Ely Yacoub
Nov-2022Drought assessment in Aydın and İzmir Districts in TurkeyMersin, Denizhan
Jul-2022Drum accompaniment generation using MIDI music database and swquence to sequence neural networkAkyüz, Yavuz Batuhan
Dec-2019Dual therapy opportunities for tuberculosis and prostate cancer based on crystal engineering principlesArpacıoğlu, Merve
Jul-2021Duality of nature and urban in socio-environmental transformations: Case of the Kemalpaşa Nation Gardenİncekaş, Firuze
Nov-2016Dynamic analysis of bolted joints under axial and transverse loadsGüler, Birtan
2006Dynamic analysis of double wishbone suspensionGüler, Duygu
2010Dynamic analysis of flexible mechanisms by finite element methodÜlker, Hakan
Feb-2017Dynamic analysis of non-circular curved beam subjected to moving loadsEmre, Melih
2011Dynamic analysis of planar flexible mechanismsÇömen, Duygu
2011Dynamic behavior of reinfor ced concrete frames with infill wallsÇankaya, Mehmet Alper
Jul-2017Dynamic crushing behavior of sandwich panels with bio-inspired coresGüzel, Erkan
Dec-2019Dynamic crushing behaviour of cactus geometry inspired core structureBalya, Ozan
2013Dynamic energy and exergy analysis of an existing building in IZTECHAkdemir, Manolya
2012Dynamic force measurement techniques Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar testing of low acoustic impedance materials used as armor interlayer materialsTuran, Ali Kıvanç
2012Dynamic frequent itemset mining based on Matrix Appriori algorithmOğuz, Damla 
Jul-2018Dynamic itemset hiding under multiple support thresholdsÖztürk, Ahmet Cumhur
Dec-2019The dynamic mechanical characterization of a bio-inspired sandwich structureRamyar, Ayda