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2018Basin stability of single machine infinite bus power systems with Levy type load fluctuationsYılmaz, Serpil; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2018Cell load based user association for professional mobile radio systemsYılmaz, Saadet Simay ; Özbek, Berna ; Taş, Murat; Bengür, Sıdıka
2018Cell load based user association for tetra trunk systemsKarataş, Azad ; Özbek, Berna ; Bardak, Erinç Deniz; Sönmez, İlker
2018A comparison of feature selection algorithms for cancer classification through gene expression data: Leukemia caseTaşçı, Aslı; İnce, Türker; Güzeliş, Cüneyt
2018Measure of covertness based on the imperfect synchronization of an eavesdropper in Random Communication SystemsAhmed, Areeb ; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2018Size-reduced printed log periodic dipole antenna with single first order semi-circle iteration and feed point patchesÖzgönül, Mehmet Can; Seçmen, Mustafa