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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006CERN LEP indications for two light Higgs bosons and the U(1)' modelDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Solmaz, Levent; Solmaz, Saime
Dec-2012Combined search for the quarks of a sequential fourth generationCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
May-2009Doubly charged Higgsinos at the TevatronDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Frank, Mariana; Ghosh, Dilip Kumar; Huitu, Katri; Rai, Santosh Kumar; Turan, İsmail
17-Sep-2008Electric dipole moments in U(1)' modelsHayreter, Alper; Sabancı, Aslı; Solmaz, Levent; Solmaz, Saime
Jan-2012Inclusive search for squarks and gluinos in pp collisions at root s=7 TeVDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
Sep-2011Measurement of the Bs0 production cross section with Bs0?J/? Decays in pp collisions at ?s=7TeVCMS Collaboration; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
Sep-2011Measurement of the differential cross section for isolated prompt photon production in pp collisions at 7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
Oct-2016Measurement of the integrated and differential t-t production cross sections for high-pt top quarks in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=8 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Nov-2011Measurement of the tt¯ production cross section in pp collisions at 7 TeV in lepton+jets events using b-quark jet identificationCMS Collaboration; Demir, Durmuş Ali 
Jul-2005Minimal U(1)' extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard modelDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Kane, Gordon L.; Wang, Ting T.
Sep-2010Muon anomalous magnetic moment constraints on supersymmetric U(1)?? modelsCincioğlu, Elif; Kırca, Zerrin; Sert, Hale; Solmaz, Saime; Solmaz, Levent; Hiçyılmaz, Yaşar
2006Neutralino dark matter in the left-right supersymmetric modelDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Frank, Mariana; Turan, İsmail
Jun-2005Phenomenological issues in supersymmetry with nonholomorphic soft breakingÇakır, Muammer Altan; Mutlu, Sevdiye; Solmaz, Levent
Dec-2015Production of leading charged particles and leading charged-particle jets at small transverse momenta in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
May-2009Search for gauge extensions of the MSSM at the LHCAhmed, Ali; Demir, Durmuş Ali ; Frank, Mariana; Turan, İsmail
Sep-2012Search for pair production of first- and second-generation scalar leptoquarks in pp collisions at ?s=7TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Oct-2012Search for supersymmetry in events with b-quark jets and missing transverse energy in pp collisions at 7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Sep-2016Search for two Higgs bosons in final states containing two photons and two bottom quarks in proton-proton collisions at 8 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
28-Aug-2008Signals of doubly-charged Higgsinos at the CERN Large Hadron ColliderDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Frank, Mariana; Huitu, Katri; Rai, Santosh Kumar; Turan, İsmail
Feb-2010Sneutrino dark matter: Symmetry protection and cosmic ray anomaliesDemir, Durmuş Ali ; Everett, Lisa L.; Frank, Mariana; Selbuz, Levent; Turan, İsmail