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Jan-2023Applied machine learning for prediction of waste plastic pyrolysis towards valuable fuel and chemicals productionCheng, Yi; Ekici, Ecrin; Yıldız, Güray ; Yang, Yang; Coward, Brad; Wang, Jiawei; Yıldız, Güray 
2020Fast pyrolysis with fractional condensation of lignin-rich digested stillage from second-generation bioethanol productionPriharto, Neil; Ronsse, Frederik; Yıldız, Güray ; Heeres, Hero Jan; Deuss, Peter J.; Prins, Wolter
2021Prediction of char production from slow pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass using multiple nonlinear regression and artificial neural networkLi, Ting Yan; Xiang, Huan; Yang, Yang; Wang, Jiawei; Yıldız, Güray