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Mar-2010Characterization investigations during mechanical alloying and sintering of W-20 vol% SiC compositesCoşkun, Selim; Öveçoğlu, M. Lütfi; Özkal, Burak; Tanoğlu, Metin 
2021Corrosion and tribocorrosion behaviour of Ti-B4C composites processed by conventional sintering and hot-pressing techniqueSousa, L.; Alves, A. C.; Guedes, A.; Toptan, Fatih 
Feb-2017The effect of rare earth element doping on the microstructural evolution of sol-gel titania powdersYurtsever, Hüsnü Arda; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
Jun-2013The effects of the post-annealing temperature on the growth mechanism of Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8+ ? thin films produced on MgO (1 0 0) single crystal substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD)Nane, O.; Özçelik, Bekir; Abukay, Doğan 
Jul-2020Electrocaloric effect of alkali co-substituted Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 ceramicsKurnia, Arif; Emriadi; Mufti, Nandang; Zulhadjri; Adem, Umut 
May-2004Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of a new layered compound Li2VGeO5Eanes, Mehtap ; Kolis, Joseph W.
2019Influence of aging on electrocaloric effect in Li+ doped BaTiO3 ceramicsGüvenç, Çetin Meriç; Adem, Umut 
15-Oct-2016Influence of copper composition and reaction temperature on the properties of CZTSe thin filmsOlgar, Mehmet Ali; Atasoy, Y.; Başol, B. M.; Tomakin, Murat|Özyüzer, Gülnur Aygün; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Bacaksız, Emin
2009Influences of deposition time and pH on magnetic NiFe nanowires fabricationAtalay, Funda E.; Kaya, Harun; Atalay, Selcuk; Tarı, Süleyman 
2021Plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic and antibacterial activity of gold nanoparticles-decorated hematite nanostructuresEmre, Alp; İmamoğlu, Rizvan; Savacı, Umut; Turan, Servet; Kazmalı, M. Kürşat; Genç, Aziz 
Mar-2022Preliminary tribo-electrochemical and biological responses of the Ti-TiB-TiCx in-situ composites intended for load-bearing biomedical implantsSousa, Lia; Alves, Alexandra C.; Costa, N. A.; Gemini Piperni, Sara; Rossi, André Linhares; Ribeiro, Ana R.; Simões, Sónia; Toptan, Fatih 
2004Synthesis, structural characterization, and magnetic properties of NaRE9(GeO4)(6)O-2 (RE=Nd, Pr)Eanes, Mehtap ; Pennington, WT; Kolis, JW