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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017Atomic-scale understanding of dichlorobenzene-assisted poly 3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl nanowire formation mechanismYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Kıymaz, D.; Zafer, C.; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Şahin, Hasan 
11-Oct-2016Controlled growth mechanism of poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanowiresKıymaz, D.; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Tomak, Aysel; Şahin, Hasan ; Senger, Ramazan Tugrul ; Peeters, François M.; Zareie, Hadi M.; Zafer, Ceylan
2011Dark energy mechanisms in the context of extra dimensional modelsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet
Aug-2018Electronic and vibrational properties of PbI2: From bulk to monolayerYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
Jul-2017Electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of novel two dimensional monolayer materialsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet
2018Enhanced stability of single-layer w-gallenene through hydrogenationBadalov, S. V.; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
2020Functionalization of single-layer TaS(2)and formation of ultrathin Janus structuresKahraman, Zeynep; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Şahin, Hasan 
Sep-2017Hydrogen-induced structural transition in single layer ReS2Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Bacaksız, Cihan; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Şahin, Hasan 
Dec-2016Mechanical properties of monolayer GaS and GaSe crystalsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
2016Mg(OH)2-WS2 van der Waals heterobilayer: Electric field tunable band-gap crossoverYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Torun, Engin; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
Dec-2016Nanoribbons: From fundamentals to state-of-the-art applicationsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Peeters, François M.; Şenger, Ramazan Tuğrul; Şahin, Hasan 
Dec-2015Nitrogenated, phosphorated and arsenicated monolayer holey graphenesYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Horzum, Şeyda; Torun, Engin; Peeters, François M.; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul 
2020Optoelectronic properties of confined water in angstrom-scale slitsShekarforoush, S.; Jalali, H.; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Miloševic, M.V.; Neek-Amal, M.
Sep-2015Pentagonal monolayer crystals of carbon, boron nitride, and silver azideYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Şahin, Hasan ; Kang, J.; Torun, E.; Peeters, François M.; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul 
2020Quantum properties and applications of 2D Janus crystals and their superlatticesYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Qin, Y.; Özen, Sercan; Sayyad, M.; Peeters, F. M.; Tongay, S.; Şahin, Hasan 
May-2019Raman fingerprint of stacking order in HfS2-Ca(OH)(2) heterobilayerYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Özen, Sercan; İyikanat, Fadıl; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
2019Single-layer Janus-type platinum dichalcogenides and their heterostructuresKahraman, Zeynep; Kandemir, Ali; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Şahin, Hasan 
2020Stable single-layers of calcium halides (CaX2, X = F, Cl, Br, I)Başkurt, Mehmet; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Peeters, F. M.; Şahin, Hasan 
Mar-2018Strain mapping in single-layer two-dimensional crystals via Raman activityYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Bacaksız, Cihan; Ünsal, Emre; Akbalı, Barış; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Şahin, Hasan 
2020Structural, electronic and vibrational properties of ultra-thin octahedrally coordinated structure of EuO2Özcan, Mehmet; Özen, Sercan; Yağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Şahin, Hasan