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Aug-2018Ab initio and semiempirical modeling of excitons and trions in monolayer TiS3Torun, Engin; Şahin, Hasan ; Chaves, A.; Wirtz, Ludger; Peeters, François M.
Jul-2016Computing optical properties of ultra-thin crystalsŞahin, Hasan ; Torun, Engin; Bacaksız, Cihan; Horzum, Şeyda ; Kang, J.; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Peeters, François M.
Apr-2017Fundamental mechanisms responsible for the temperature coefficient of resonant frequency in microwave dielectric ceramicsZhang, Shengke; Şahin, Hasan ; Torun, Engin; Peeters, François M.; Martien, Dinesh; DaPron, Tyler; Dilley, Neil; Newman, Nathan
2016Mg(OH)2-WS2 van der Waals heterobilayer: Electric field tunable band-gap crossoverYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Torun, Engin; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Peeters, François M.; Şahin, Hasan 
Dec-2015Nitrogenated, phosphorated and arsenicated monolayer holey graphenesYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet; Horzum, Şeyda ; Torun, Engin; Peeters, François M.; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul 
28-Sep-2016Strong dichroic emission in the pseudo one dimensional material ZrS3Pant, Anupum; Torun, Engin; Chen, Bin; Bhat, Soumya; Fan, Xi; Wu, Kedi; Wright, David P.; Peeters, François M.; Soignard, Emmanuel; Şahin, Hasan ; Tongay, Sefaattin
Sep-2015Tuning the magnetic anisotropy in single-layer crystal structuresTorun, Engin; Şahin, Hasan ; Bacaksız, Cihan; Senger, Ramazan Tugrul ; Peeters, François M.
22-Sep-2016Unusual lattice vibration characteristics in whiskers of the pseudo-one-dimensional titanium trisulfide TiS3Wu, Kedi; Torun, Engin; Şahin, Hasan ; Chen, Bin; Fan, Xi; Pant, Anupum; Wright, David Parsons; Aoki, Toshihiro; Peeters, François M.; Soignard, Emmanuel; Tongay, Sefaattin