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2018Gender prediction from Tweets with convolutional neural networks: Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2018Sezerer, Erhan; Polatbilek, Ozan; Sevgili, Özge; Tekir, Selma 
2019Gender prediction from tweets: Improving neural representations with hand-crafted featuresTekir, Selma ; Sezerer, Erhan; Polatbilek, Ozan
Jul-2015News story analysis with credibility assessment by opinion miningSezerer, Erhan
2017A relativistic opinion mining approach to detect factual or opinionated news sourcesSezerer, Erhan; Tekir, Selma 
2019Türkçe tweetler üzerinden yapay sinir ağları ile cinsiyet tahminlemesiSezerer, Erhan; Polatbilek, Ozan; Tekir, Selma