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2013Comparison of four Ab initio MicroRNA prediction toolsSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens 
Oct-2014Computational prediction of MicroRNAs from toxoplasma gondii potentially regulating the hosts' gene expressionSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Bağcı, Caner; Allmer, Jens 
2013Data mining for microrna gene prediction: On the impact of class imbalance and feature number for microrna gene predictionSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens 
2013An integrative data mining approach for microRNA detection in humanSaçar, Müşerref Duygu
2014Machine learning methods for microRNA gene predictionSaçar, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens