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2021Exploiting the lability of metal halide perovskites for doping semiconductor nanocompositesCalcabrini, Mariano; Genç, Aziz ; Liu, Yu; Kleinhanns, Tobias; Lee, Seungho; Dirin, Dmitry N.; Akkerman, Quinten A.
2021The Importance of Surface Adsorbates in Solution-Processed Thermoelectric Materials: The Case of SnSeLiu, Yu; Calcabrini, Mariano; Yu, Yuan; Genç, Aziz ; Chang, Cheng; Costanzo, Tommaso; Kleinhanns, Tobias
2021Synthesis, bottom up assembly and thermoelectric properties of Sb-doped PbS nanocrystal building blocksCadavid, Doris; Wei, Kaya; Liu, Yu; Zhang, Yu; Li, Mengyao; Genc, Aziz ; Berestok, Taisiia