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2023An appraisal of the local-scale spatio-temporal variations of drought based on the integrated GRACE/GRACE-FO observations and fine-resolution FLDAS modelKhorrami, Behnam; Ali, Shoaib; Gündüz, Orhan 
2022Detection and analysis of drought over Turkey with remote sensing and model-based drought indicesKhorrami, Behnam; Gündüz, Orhan 
2021An enhanced water storage deficit index (EWSDI) for drought detection using GRACE gravity estimatesKhorrami, Behnam; Gündüz, Orhan 
Jun-2023Investigating the local-scale fluctuations of groundwater storage by using downscaled GRACE/GRACE-FO JPL mascon product based on machine learning (ML) algorithmKhorrami, Behnam; Ali, Shoaib; Gündüz, Orhan 
Nov-2021Land deformation and sinkhole occurrence in response to the fluctuations of groundwater storage: an integrated assessment of GRACE gravity measurements, ICESat/ICESat-2 altimetry data, and hydrologic modelsKhorrami, Behnam; Arık, Fetullah; Gündüz, Orhan 
May-2023Model-coupled GRACE-based analysis of hydrological dynamics of drying Lake Urmia and its basinKhorrami, Behnam; Ali, Shoaib; Şahin, Onur Güngör; Gündüz, Orhan 
2023Remote sensing-based monitoring and evaluation of the basin-wise dynamics of terrestrial water and groundwater storage fluctuationsKhorrami, Behnam; Gündüz, Orhan 
2023Statistical downscaling of GRACE TWSA estimates to a 1-km spatial resolution for a local-scale surveillance of flooding potentialKhorrami, Behnam; Pirasteh, Saied; Ali, Shoaib; Şahin, Onur Güngör; Vaheddoost, Babak
2022A systematic assessment of flooding potential in a semi-arid watershed using GRACE gravity estimates and large-scale hydrological modelingKhorrami, Behnam; Fıstıkoğlu, Okan; Gündüz, Orhan