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Mar-2011A computational study on the excited state properties of a cationic cyanine dye: TTBCKaraca, Sıla; Elmacı, Nuran 
Jul-2014A computational study on the structures of protonated peptidesKaraca, Sıla
Nov-2014Donor- and/or acceptor-substituted expanded radialenes: Theory, synthesis, and propertiesRamsaywack, Sharwatie; Karaca, Sıla; Gholami, Mojtaba; Murray, Adrian H.; Hampel, Frank; McDonald, Robert; Elmacı, Nuran ; Lüthi, Hans Peter; Tykwinski, Rik R.
Dec-2015Gas-phase structures and proton affinities of N-terminal proline containing b2 + ions from protonated model peptidesKaraca, Sıla; Atik, Ahmet Emin; Elmacı, Nuran ; Yalçın, Talat 
2008The study of ground state and excited state properties of cyanine dyes by using computational chemical methodsKaraca, Sıla
Dec-2009A theoretical study on the ground and excited state behaviors of TTBC related carbocyanine dyesKaraca, Sıla; Elmacı, Nuran