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2017Advances in model-based testing of graphical user interfacesBelli, Fevzi ; Beyazıt, Mutlu; Budnik, Christof J.; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
1-Feb-2015Exploiting model morphology for event-based testingBelli, Fevzi ; Beyazıt, Mutlu
Sep-2015Fault domain-based testing in imperfect situations: a heuristic approach and case studiesBelli, Fevzi ; Beyazıt, Mutlu; Endo, Andre Takeshi; Mathur, Aditya; Simao, Adenilso
2019Featured event sequence graphs for model-based incremental testing of software product linesTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Beyazıt, Mutlu; Öztürk, Dilek 
2023Incremental testing in software product lines-an event based approachBeyazıt, Mutlu; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Öztürk Kaya, Dilek 
2008A memory management model for cryptographic software librariesMersin, Ali; Beyazıt, Mutlu
2008On NTRU and its performanceMersin, Ali; Beyazıt, Mutlu
2008Reduction algorithms for the cryptanalysis of lattice based asymmetrical cryptosystemsBeyazıt, Mutlu