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2011Capacity performances of home base stations with multiple antennas in indoor environmentAycan, Esra ; Özbek, Berna 
2014Hierarchical successive stream selection for heterogeneous network interferenceAycan, Esra ; Özbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier
2015Improved successive stream selection with quantized channel in heterogeneous networksAycan, Esra ; Özbek, Berna ; Le Ruyet, Didier
2011Interference scenarios and capacity performances for femtocell networksAycan, Esra ; Özbek, Berna 
2012Performance of cell selection algorithms in wireless networksAycan, Esra ; Özbek, Berna 
2009Solving the course scheduling problem using simulated annealingAycan, Esra ; Ayav, Tolga