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Aug-2010Characterization of poly(vinyl chloride) powder produced by emulsion polymerizationAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim ; Ulutan, Sevgi; Ülkü, Semra 
Nov-2012Dehydration, water vapor adsorption and desorption behavior of Zn[B3O3(OH)5] · H2O and Zn[B3O4(OH)3]Alp, Burcu ; Gönen, Mehmet; Atakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
2022Effects of Span 60 template and freeze drying on zinc borate produced from zinc nitrate hexahydrate and borax decahydrateAlp, Burcu ; Gönen, Mehmet; Atakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim 
2010Enhancement of tribological properties of mineral oil by addition of sorbitan monostearate and borateAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye
2018Nano zinc borate as a lubricant additiveAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Alp, Burcu ; Üstün, Fatma; Balköse, Devrim 
May-2010Statistical thermal stability of PVCAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Cansever Erdoğan, Beyhan; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
May-2011Synthesis of zinc borate by inverse emulsion technique for lubricationAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra