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Oct-2018Defect induced Anderson localization and magnetization in graphene quantum dotsAltıntaş, Abdulmenaf; Güçlü, Alev Devrim 
Jan-2017Effects of long-range disorder and electronic interactions on the optical properties of graphene quantum dotsAltıntaş, Abdulmenaf; Çakmak, K. E.; Güçlü, Alev Devrim 
Sep-2018Effects of random atomic disorder on the magnetic stability of graphene nanoribbons with zigzag edgesÇakmak, Korhan Ertan; Altıntaş, Abdulmenaf; Güçlü, Alev Devrim 
Jul-2018Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of disordered graphene quantum dotsAltıntaş, Abdulmenaf
12-Jan-2016Magnetic phases of graphene nanoribbons under potential fluctuationsÖzdemir, Hakan Ulaş; Altıntaş, Abdulmenaf; Güçlü, Alev Devrim